20 September 2016

Will air two new programs UCEM

Will air two new programs UCEM

Starting this week, two new programs will air on Radio University under production State University (UNEM).“When you are in history” and “Magister Dixit” are the names of the productions that are each Tuesday from 8:00 am for the 96.7 FM.

Both programs are part of the institutional radiorevistaUniversities Online: Today with the Open University, which produces Audiovisual Production Program Material (PPMA) of the Open University, explained Grau Katia Ibarra, journalist and audiovisual producer.

“When they are in history” it aims to provide a historical fact, placing the listener in this context even the music playing at the time the act was developed. This program will be produced by journalist Patricia Mendez, who is also the head of the news section “from the UNEM” in the radiorevista.

“In this program may be from a traumatic event space for humanity to a scientific discovery that changed history,” said Grau Ibarra, overtaking Tuesday released tomorrow with the bombing of the Twin Towers on 11 September.

Meanwhile, “Magister Dixit”, produced for the Sciences School of Education (ECE), seeks to educate and inform the faculty of the Open University, as well as the teaching population in general about teaching and learning that contribute their professional development.

“It is a space to promote constant training and rescue the latest trends in the teaching work. Will be times for academic discussion and activities for the dissemination of the same school, “added the journalist.

This program will cover topics from the Central American independence until scientific thinking in children, with the intention to improve teaching, under the production of David Goldberg, in coordination with Delia Solis of the ECE.

After being broadcast on FM 96.7 Radio Universidad, these programs are uploaded online media library Audiovisual and also to the Podcast section