20 September 2016

Now comes the PCST Costa Rica Symposium 2016

Now comes the PCST Costa Rica Symposium 2016

In order to promote the professional development of disclosure and science journalism in the region, the State University (UCEM) and the Foundation for the National Center for Science and Technology (CIENTEC) organized the Symposium on Global Network Public Communication of Science (PCST, for its acronym in English), from 28 to 30 September.

The Symposium PCST Costa Rica “Scientific Communication as a profession: Training, responsibilities and roles” is designed from “a strategic perspective in pursuit of growing quality, based on solid careers, with avariety of approaches and formats, and from the perspective of rich conglomerates actors , “said Annie Umaña Campos, coordinator of the Popular Science Unit of the Open University and co-organizer of the activity.

This space aims to generate spaces to share, reflect, learn and create alliances, both personal and institutional, to strengthen science communication and science journalism in the region, opening new doors for professional development, strengthening public policies support and generating new ways of interaction with society, the journalist noted.

Thus, the symposium to be held at the Crowne Plaza Corobici, seeks to promote dialogue, exchange of experiences, strengthening partnerships and teamwork of the participating people committed to bring science to the public and on ways of link to citizens’ knowledge practices that promote the identity and informed decision-making.

Because of its importance, it was declared of National Interest by the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (No. 006-2016-AJ-MICITT). He was also declared Institutional Interest by the UCEM, by agreement rectory Council in session No. 1900-2016, on April 4, 2016.

The event includes the participation of international experts as Brian Trench, chairman of the PCST, leading popular science and author of multiple works (Ireland); Lisbeth Fog, a researcher in social appropriation of knowledge, science communication and science journalism (Colombia); Luisa Massarani, scientific journalist, tutor of postgraduate scientific and research (Brazil) disclosure, and Durant AM Graham, director of the National Science and Technology Centre Questacon (Australia).

Elaine Reynoso, coordinator of the “Diploma in Popular Science” UNAM (Mexico) also participate; Enrico Balli, director of the Media Lab Sissa (Italy);and Dominique Brossard, professor and director of the Communication Department in Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin and the Institute for Research in Madison Mordridge (United States).

Rounding out the Alberto Vivó and Helena Gonzalez Buróndos, scientists group of Big Van de Spain, list developers Stand Up Comedy science and taught the workshop “The Club of Scientific Comedy” where 25 participants will learn about communication, improvisation, storytelling and scientists funny monologues.

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